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Birthdate:Jan 1
Requested Character: Mr. Showman (The Showman/Mr. Gone)
Characters Age: Unknown, appears mid 50s but he could be much, much older.
Hero or Villain: Villain
Series of Origin: Alice Cooper The Last Temptation/The Maxx
Universe of Origin: Marvel/Image/Vertigo
Personality: The Showman is suave and a smooth talker, like any showman should be. He has style and a dark sort of charm but underneath he is extremely snake-like. His words are full of sweet sounding promises that may never come to fruition. But, Mephisto he ain't. In more casual company he might devolve into dry sarcasim or even foul language but only if he is extremely angry.
Background: No one really knows where The Showman came from or how he came to be. Some say he was a performer who sold his soul for stardom, some say he's just a lunatic escaped from a mad-house. Others say he is a mutant or maybe a sorcerer. Whatever he is or wherever he came from, he is a clandestine man who's motives are only known to himself. His Theatre of The Real is his main base of operations and in it he is the ringmaster, a showman who guides his audience through a demented, horrific journey into their futures.

(Background for the Mods)
The Showman was a real man in the late 1800's. Year after year he lured children into his theatre and they were never seen again. In 1884, the theatre burned down and no one was discovered alive but many skeletons remained, none of them fully grown. For 150 years after that, the Showman returned and continued to take children away.

(I'm going to say he's some sort of weak sorcerer. Hey, if Nico Minoru, Zatanna and Dr. Strange can exist...)

Mr. Gone was born Artemis Pender and he was abused as a child by his aunt. He had married three times, the first was to a druggy who killed their child, the second was to a nice woman whom he abused and the third was to a hippy 30 years younger than himself with whom he had a daughter. Fearing he would hurt his daughter, he left the family and began studying the mystical arts where he learned that he could visit the subconscious dreamscapes of people, their "Outbacks". He decided to spend special attention to the outback of his daughter and the child of a friend, to watch Outbacks grow.

His rage against woman, coupled with his mystical powers made him lash out at woman, raping and murdering them. When he captured Julie, the now adult child of his friend, she broke free and cut off his head.

Powers and/or Special Skills:
The creature head on the top of his cane can talk, and has a limited vocabulary.
Shapeshifting, specifically into snakes.
Parlour tricks, slight of hand, mirages.
Entering and manipulating dreams. This is his most powerful ability.
Limited possession. His shadow will creep up on someone and he will control their body for a few seconds. When this happens the victim gets the trademark makeup.

Inside the theatre he can...
He can create worthless zombies that just serve as freakish distractions.
Create little furry goblins, only one or two at a time.

Since possessed:
His voluminous black cloak actually grows and changes shape.
His hands glow and he can force energy beams from them.
He cannot die. If you sew his head on, he'll be just fine.
He can travel into the subconscious of others.

Current Location: The Theatre can appear wherever he likes it too.
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Anything else we should know?
A LOT of this character profile was pulled from my butt, especially in the Background section.
The Showman has become more powerful since Gone possessed him. Also since the possession, Showman has grown a bushy goatee.

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